Wormate is a multiplayer arcade game that’s similar to Agar.io and Slither.io. Here, you have to move around a map that’s plagued with other worms and your goal is to become the biggest worm of them all. In this case, you have to eat as many sweets and desserts as you possibly can.

The more sweets and cakes you eat, the bigger your worm will grow. And the bigger your worm, the more possibilities you’ll have for other worms to run into you so you can eat their remains and get even bigger. The downside is that, your own worm can also end up running into another worm and be reduced into sweets just as easily.

If you manage to keep your worm wandering around long enough, you’ll start showing up in the ranking of users with the biggest worms.

Wormate is a fun multiplayer arcade game that’s perfect for playing short or very long rounds if you have quick reflexes.

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